Self-propelled Harvesters

We offer an impressive collection of specialised equipment for your orchards needs.

From harvesters, tree shakers, bin cleaners and bin runners. Take a look at our catalog in order to see the full range of our offerings.


Mid range self-propelled harvester

20125 Ferox

Large self-propelled harvester

VL08 Shaker

Tree shaker

Bin cleaner

Sorting nuts from debris & sticks

2095 Harvester

2095 camera.jpg


The counter rotating motion of the pickup rubbers gives an effecient pick up of your fruit and nuts. The rubbers in non aggressive soils can last up to 1000hr

Option - Cameras

One of the options for the 2095 is up to 3 cameras - positioned under the cabin, lateral fan and at the back of the machine. Gives more visibility.

Option - Fan on belt

The extra fan on belt can assist in cleaning lighter trash/leaves/ filbrets from the belt to give a better clean. In pecan, chestnut and hazelnut harvesters this is compulsory to have.

Tech Support

Allen is able to talk through most tech problems on the phone - or he can come to your orchard.

20125 FEROX

Bin capacity

One factor you need to consider when choosing the right harvester for your orchard is the bin capacity. The 2075 has a bin capacity of 1cubic meter and the 2095 is 1.3 cubic meters.

The compact harvester for all nuts

The 2095 harvester is suitable for any nut crop. Used here in Australia in the Macadamia, Hazelnut, Pecan, Chestnut and Walnut Industries

Air-conditioned pressurised cabin. Luxury seat

Easy controls - 1 button functions

Makes monitoring your machinery/workers progress. Sends alerts if there is a problem with the machine

John Deere Teir 3 engine

Fully automatic air-flow inversion system

Can work in up to 4100mm** width.

Depends on what fruit/nut being picked up


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