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VL08 Shaker

If your looking to integrate shaking into your harvest or IPM orchard practices why not look at the VL08 shaker. Mounted to your tractor (requires 80HP or more tractor). Option of front brushes that are easily operated with the Joystick in the cabin. Everything is controlled from the tractor by a dedicated joystick


Tree Shaker - tractor mounted

The telescopic arm gives you the possibility to work under low canopies trees without hitting them with the tractors.

The weight is mainly concentrated in the left side of the shaker.

The maximum opening of the head is 60 cm, to accommodate even big trees

Uses own hydraulic pumps (x 2) and oil to maintain power when shaking - does not rely on tractors hydraulic system.



Bin Cleaner

One of the added benefits of having a Monchiero harvester is that it picks up 99% of your nuts/fruit in one easy pass - but some orchards have increased leaf/ sticks and rocks - so the harvester will pick up this too.

Monchiero has developed the PU250 to help clean the debris from the nuts/fruit. This compact trailer allows the machine to discharge the bin into the hopper - there is an additional 3 cleaning stages on the cleaner.

Clean your product to make your shed run faster!

Has own Yanmar engine, hydraulic tank and pumps

Controlled by easy joystick funtions

The 'out' elevator can be positioned to suit any receival bin/truck.

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