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End of season maintenance a must to maintain machinery & ensure you pick up 99.9% of your 2021 crop!

It's now coming to the end of the 2020 season and all Tree Crop owners should be looking at doing preventative maintenance on their harvesters for the 2021 season. Especially this year - with COVID restrictions, stoppages in manufacturing and restrictions/less freight services worldwide - parts for machinery may take longer - if ordered now the parts should definitely be here before next season starts.

A lot of people say "the machine doesn't pick up like it use to" or "the machine is leaving nuts behind" - and it is simply just looking at the wearable parts and replacing them so the harvester is working correctly. The lifespan of any wearable part can vary widely from machine to machine, orchard to orchards due to orchard floors and are definitely impacted by how strictly maintenance is adhered to during the season.

The only way to know when it's time to replace rubbers/chains and other parts is to conduct a visual inspection. At Monchiero Australia we have completed a Preventative maintenance video for Monchiero owners (email us if you haven't got it) - so you could do it yourself, we have also developed a walk round checklist for the 2095 & 20125 so parts ordering can be done quicker and we offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for machinery owners that want Allen to do the yearly maintenance.

Also remember that if the machine is doing more that 250hr per season you should be checking the manual & changing filters at the specified times. We do encourage owners to use genuine Monchiero filters.

If your wanting to ensure your machine is in 'tip top order' for the 2021 season get in contact with Allen & we will schedule your service in for you!

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