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Monchiero Australia Pty Ltd - Australian Dealer for Monchiero

Previous events, field days and news

In June 2018 we went to Casino for PRIMEX2018 - 3 day Field day. We meet so many people and a lot of our Monchiero owners came to say hello. We had our own 'mini-me' salesperson to assist :)

To end 2017, we went to Italy to see the unveiling of the new 20125FEROX. The new sleek cabin and improved features are amazing! The machine will be on display at the AMS 2018 Conference.

Monchiero Dealers from South Africa, Chile and Australia with Silvio!NEW 20125 Ferox

In 2017 Monchiero Australia sponsored;

Chestnuts Australia Annual General Meeting/Conference/Dinner & Field Day

Saturday 16th September 2017


2-3th September 2017
Great to catch up with all the Hazelnut Growers this year!


2017 Symposium  and Annual General Meeting.
Saturday 19th August 2017

Quest Shepparton

Citrus Technical Forum 2017
1-2 March 2017 -  Mildura, Victoria

What a great conference, Mildura turned on some great heat. We got to take a paddle steamer down the Murray to Trentham Winery.



2016 AMS Conference at Caloundra was a fantastic event once again!
Field day was held at Beerwah and the trade show at the Caloundra events Centre

Monchiero Australia had a booth at the:

Australian Nut Conference 2015
It was great to meet knew people from all the different Nut Industries plus catch up with people we already know.
Monday, 20 April 2015 to Wednesday, 22 April 2015 from 6:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Swissotel Sydney, Sydney, Australia


Congratulations to the Winner of the 2014 50 year Trade Promotion:
Bromelton Pty Ltd


The field day at Nightingales Orchard in Victoria was well attended. It was a stark contrast of the differing Temperature in Australia - (Jodie was up in Queensland with a Temp of 42 and Allen was in Stanley Victoria with a temp of  13).

In 2015 there will be a machine working in the Chestnuts industry. Massimo Monchiero is glad that on their 50th year (next year) they have sold a machine to the industry they first started out in!


The Hazelnut conference was held at the beautiful Hahndorf Resort. We got to see some local Hazelnut grooves as well as a Cherry Orchard's.


The 40 year AMS Conference in Lismore in October 2014 was well attended by Growers. Congratulations to the AMS for putting together another fantastic conference!!!!

2014 Field day - Monchiero Australia
2014 Field day - Monchiero Australia
Adam Grainger & Jodie & Allen Morgan
AMS trade display
AMS trade display
Allen & Jodie Morgan
Monchiero Harvesters on display
Monchiero Harvesters on display
70's Style Gala Dinner for the AMS
70's Style Gala Dinner for the AMS

Saturday 23 August 2014 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Harder Auditorium, Shepparton TAFE 152-200 Fryers St, Shepparton VIC 3630


1 x NEW 2095 Monchiero Harvester  - Macadamia version.
-2014 Model
- air-conditioned cabin
-adjustable R hydraulic brush available for purchase NOW!!!

Last stock in Australia for this season can be delivered in 2 weeks (if paid) - send email for price to

2095 Monchiero Harvester

2095 Driving position, harvester, nut harvester

New options for the 2095

You can now have some options with the 2095, air-conditioned cabin, tracks and a adjustable hydralic arm for the right brush.

2095 Monchiero Nut harvesterBozmac tilttray - Monchiero macadamia 2095 nut harvester_______________________________________________________________

2050 nut harvester2050 working in Hazelnuts in Europe

The 2050 has proven very successful with smaller Hazelnut farmers in Europe. Click on the link below to look at a video of the 2050 in a Hazelnut orchard.

IF YOU HAVE 3,000 trees OR LESS & wish to see the 2050 on your Orchard, please contact Allen on 0439404978 (available to Macadamia growers in South-east Queensland to Northern Rivers area, NSW)


2095 Monchiero nutharvester
to all that came to our field days in Glass House, NSW, Gympie and Bundaberg.


Subscribe to our new YOUTUBE channel
We will upload new videos of the harvesters throughout the season
See footage of the demo with the 20125 in Bundaberg last year


We hope that all orchard's effected by the recent Storm/ Wind damage  can get through the huge task of cleaning the mess up before they commence their harvest.

We are offering a contract harvesting service this year, see the contract harvesting page. With the year starting off a little wet, the Monchiero harvesting system allows harvesting operations to commence much sooner than other harvesting systems.
Nut Harvester - 20125 harvesting in rain in Bundaberg                                                                                                         


6th International Macadamia Symposium
18-20 Sept
Presented by

A BIG congratulations to the AMS staff for hosting a fantastic event. It was great to meet so many different growers from different countries. 


New Service Van

We have purchased a service van for the Monchiero harvesters. Allen has already traveled 42,000km since January 2012.

2050's progress

In 2013 we are waiting on Monchiero to do some improvements to the trash separation for the 2050. Demo's on this machine will be scheduled once the machines trash separation is improved.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Soilcare expo and showed interest in the Monchiero harvesters. Pam and Brian let us demo on their farm on the Sunday with their machine and the 2050. Thank you to Neil and Brett also for helping make the two days run smoothly.

We were lucky to  have had Giancarlo (Monchiero Engineer) with us to ensure the 2050 pickup was to Monchiero standards. We are still trying to improve the separation of the machine to prevent leaf being taken back to the shed. If you have any queries please contact Allen on
04 39404978.

Brett, Neil, Allen and Giancarlo with the 2095Giancarlo demonstrates on the 2050


Australian Macadamia Industry Annual Conference, 2011
We were one of the sponsors for the Australian Macadamia Industry Annual Conference, 2011. We attended the conference on Friday and the two harvesters were displayed at Sahara Farms on Saturday 12th November. Allen did a small presentation and showed people around the two harvesters.

Two of the main questions asked:
1) What is the warranty period on the harvester?
12 month warranty on all non-wearing parts.
2) Who Services the machines?
The servicing of the machine can be carried out by the operator or your "farm"mechanic. We are in the process of appointing a mobile mechanic to be available for any mechanical concerns. Allen is flying over to Italy on 24th November to complete Monchiero's hydraulics course.


The 20125 has arrived. After one week waiting for Custom's, our machine has safely arrived at our Gympie farm. Please contact Allen to arrange a time to view the harvester on 0439404978 or email    us at


Smaller, more compact self propelled harvester for the smaller grower.
Monchiero have developed a unique trash separation system for the 2050. The machine has been tested in the European market for 2011 harvest and is now available for their other international clients. Contact Allen on 0439404978 for further enquiries and see how this machine may be right for your orchard.

We will have a 2050 in Australia before the 2012 season commences

European Field Day - Unveiling of the 2050                                                                           
Field Days

Gympie Field dayGympie Field day Collection of nuts in bin
BundabergGreg from Masondale's unloading the harvester atBundabergBundaberg Field DayGympie Field DayGympie Field day
NSW Field dayIvan Hayes attending to the sausage sizzle at Gympie
***Three field days were held at the end of June 2011. Thank you for attending these days, there was a lot of interest in the Monchiero harvesters. Massimo Monchiero was there to answer any of your questions, he was happy with the enthusiasm people showed for his machines. 

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