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Monchiero Products

  • Monchiero have a range of self-propelled and towed harvesters to suit small to large scale growers.

  • When ordering a machine allow more than 14 weeks build time and 6-8 weeks transport from Italy to Australia. (Ring Allen or email us and enquire)

  • All prices are fixed by Italy and are dependent on the Euro exchange rate.

  • See below Terms and Conditions for ordering a harvester.

Have you sat down and worked out how much
your harvester costs you in parts/ fuel/labour hours?

Or even more costly.... how many nuts you are
leaving behind?

On average** the Monchiero harvester can pick up 1kg/tree of nut
that is left behind - if you have 10,000 tree that is 10 tonne of NIS!!
This year an average price was $5.50 - that could = $55,000.00
Can you afford to leave that behind?


Click on picture for info on the 2075/2095

2095 nut harvester

Click on picture for info on the 20125

20125 nut harvester

***figure based on farms we have contracted for once a farmer has finished with their harvester.

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