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Allen & Jodie Morgan, Monchiero Australia Pty LtdAllen Morgan is the Director of Monchiero Australia. He is a third generation Macadamia Grower who has had experience Managing a number of Orchards in Qld. Allen is capable of fixing any problem with the Monchiero harvesters and has good back up from Monchiero in Italy.

Allen & Jodie Morgan found Monchiero harvesters when they were leasing a 54, 000 Macadamia Orchard east of Gympie, Queensland. The harvesters they were using were the finger-wheel design pick-up, unfortunately, a lot of nut was being left in the field by these harvesters even with the machines doing up to three passes, costing us time and money. It took months of searching the internet, but the effort paid off as they came across Monchiero self propelled harvester's.

Massimo Monchiero visited Australia in June 2010, and believed his harvesters would be well applied in our Australian Orchards, saving time, manpower and enabling the farmer to pick-up a higher percentage of their fruit or nuts. In March 2011, Mauro Monchiero (Massimo's brother) came to Australia to make any further adjustments to the Monchiero harvester to pick-up Macadamia's. In 2011 we used the 2090 to pick-up our crop,it still astounds us how easy and effective the harvester is. For the 2012 season we had the 20125, 2095 and 2050 (trialing the machine) for the farm we leased.

Since 2010 we have sold over 70 harvesters in Australia, from Emerald, Qld to Bendigo, Vic in Macadamia's, Walnut's, Pecan's, Chestnut's and our first into the Australian Hazelnut orchard in 2018

We encourage Monchiero owners to look after their Monchiero Machinery - the investment of a machine should be followed up with correct scheduled maintenance.
To assist we do provide a Post-harvest Maintenance program, scheduled servicing if wanted and we have also completed a video that is sent to owners to support the owner to maintain their machine optimally to give the best performance

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