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Nut harvester - 2095
Monchiero Brochure.pdf (PDF — 4 MB)

(ask about the difference with a 2075 - designed for smaller orchards)

Suited for           3,000-10,000 tree orchard with steeper contours
Engine               Yanmar 4 Cylinder Turbo 82.7Hp/61.7kW                                          

4WD                          4 drive wheels with Poclain twin lock  system

Lateral fan        Maxi

Rear adjustable
fan                              Yes
Length                    5695mm

Height                    1540mm

Weight                   2960kg

2095 - new streamlined right hand side of harvester
  • The  height of just 154 cm makes it easy to work on even particularly low plantations without damaging branches or the machine itself.
  • The Rear fan. Located at the belt outlet, and hydraulically speed-adjustable, it separates the fruit from any lighter objects, such as leaves, grass and twigs.
  • Driving position - Comfortable, lowered, cushioned and adjustable, providing excellent visibility and all the safety systems required for operator protection.
  • Steering column - Height- and tilt-adjustable, with full instrumentation for all the machine's functions using intuitive, easy access controls.
  • Speed levers - Ergonomically-positioned, making it easy to select the required work speed. Also available with duplication of the main controls.
  • Lateral fan - Electro-hydraulically controlled and speed-adjustable: an effective system for blowing fruit between the rows.
  • Vibrating seive - facilitates cleaning of the fruits.
  • Hydraulic oil tank - Large and fitted with twin filtering system, ensuring a long life for all the hydraulic components.
  • Tyres - Wide-section and low round impact, catering for working on very soft terrain.
  • Hydro-pneumatic pick-up suspension system: standard fitting on the 2095, otherwise optional (optional).
  • Bar belt - Dual function, conveying material to the rear of the harvester, and performing an initial clearance of small debris from the fruit.
  • Hopper - Holds 1000 litres, and discharges harvested fruit at heights of up to as much as 280 cm. All the controls are electro-hydraulic.
  • Equalizer - Positioned at the sieve outlet, it makes the fall of the fruit into the hopper easier and more uniform (optional in 2075).
  • Openable pick-up - Facilitates servicing and cleaning operations.
  • Adjustable pivoting wheels - No difficulty in following the uneven lay of the land, so the quality of the harvest remains unaltered even on gradients.
  • Twin counter-rotating pick-up - Makes for productive harvesting even in the presence of grass and leaves.
  • Lateral brushes - Thickly-wired, and with automatic vertical movement, the brushes work effectively even on terrain which is not perfectly on a level.

Nutharverster - 2095 with tracks
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