Monchiero Australia Pty Ltd - 20125 FEROX
Monchiero Australia Pty Ltd - Australian Dealer for Monchiero

Suited for: More then 15,000 tree orchards

New "Nexus" air-conditioned cabin
Engine: Turbo-intercooler- John Deere 125 HP/92 Kw

Height 1640mm

4WD4 wheel steer with Poclain twin lock system


Lateral fan Fully adjustable

Rear fan Fully adjustable double rear fan
Pick-up Hydraulically adjustable

Belt width 2050mm

Harvesting width 3300mm

 Fuel tank 65lt (optional 212lt)
Hopper capacity 2300lt (optional 3000lt)
Hopper lift height 2800mm

Control system MMC® electronic control system with color 7"  display to control all the machine's functions (the operator can adjust all the speed of main harvesting functions from the display)

A little more about the 20125:

  • Maximum torque - 525 Nm at 1500 rpm
  • Injection system - Common rail 1600 bar
  • Cooling - water-cooled
  • Air filter dry automatic cleaning system
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Speed - 0-25 km/h with continuous variation
  • Emergency and parking brake hydraulic with oil bath disks
  • Seat - “Luxury” cushioned and adjustable
  • Hydraulic steering on front wheels for road use
  • Hydraulic coordinated steering  to reduce turning circle
  • Hydraulic crab steering to move machine sideways while maintaining lengthwise alignment
  • Hydraulic work pump variable flow with Load Sensing and gear pump for services
  • Hydraulic transmission pump twin pump variable flow high pressure 400 bar
  • Double-control system with joystick and foot, standard
  • Hydro-pneumatic pick-up support system standard

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